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What are the certifications and documents do UP Manila OUR issue?

  • The following certifications and documents can be requested from OUR:

Certificate of Authentication and Verification for DFA Red Ribbon
5 working days / PHP 100.00
Certificate of Breakdown of Fees
5 working days /
 PHP 50.00 per copy
Certified Text of the Diploma (CTXD)
Certificate of Diploma-in-Process
Certificate of Enrollment
Certificate of Grading System or Grade Equivalency 
Certificate of Graduation (COG)
Certificate of Graduation with GWA
 (Except College of Medicine)
Certificate of Graduation with GWA and Latin Honors
Certificate of Graduation with Latin Honors
Certificate of Non-Contract 
(only for students without RSA)
Certificate of No-Objection Letter
Certificate of Special Order (SO Exemption)
Certificate of Transfer Credentials
Certificate of Units Earned
English Translation of Diploma (ETD)
English as Medium of Instruction 
Honorable Dismissal (HD)
Certified True Copy
Certified True Copy of Diploma
5 Working days / PHP 50.00 per copy
Certified True Copy of TOR
Certified True Copy of High School Card (Form 138/137)
Form 5 
(for scholarship purposes only)
5 working days / 50.00 PHP per copy
Transcript of Records (TOR)
  • First time request 
    • 20 working days /  PHP 50.00 per copy
  • Recopies
    • 5 working days /  PHP 50.00per copy
Official Envelope of the Office of the University Registrar
PHP 10.00



Local Company Verification
5 Working days / PHP 100.00
International Company Verification
  • First Time Request
    • 20 Working days / $ 30.00 (Per set of verification)
  • Recopy
    • 5 Working days / $ 30.00 (Per set of verification)


How to request for student/employee/faculty ID?
  • For ID Request
  1. Fill up the google form for ID request and upload the required attachments here ID REQUEST LINK
  • For ID Claiming
  1. Present copy of the Form 5 for the current semester which includes ID fee
  2. Receipt for payment of ID fee (for non-degree students,employees,faculty)
3-5 Working days / Php 130.00 


How to apply for a Replacement for Lost/Damaged ID
  • Proof of payment of ID fee
  • Fill up Google form (ID REQUEST)
  • Affidavit of loss uploaded to Google form
3-5 Working days / Php 130.00
How to request for a University Clearance?
Guidelines for Requesting a University Clearance
There is no online processing of University Clearance. University Clearance must be accomplished in 2 copies. The OUR will keep a copy of the original University Clearance. The other original copy shall be kept by the student.
  1. Bring the following: 
  • Fully signed College Clearance
  • Students eligible for RA 10931 (Free Tuition) during their last enrollment need not pay the graduation fee.
    • Graduation Fee for Undergraduate and Graduate program students is PhP 950
    • Graduation Fee for Doctor of Medicine students (Intarmed only) is PhP 1980
  1. Request for a University Clearance Form at OUR Window 1 and fill it out.
  1. Obtain the required signatures from each office in no particular order. The last signatory should be the University Registrar.
  1. For graduating students, pay at the Cashier’s Office (Window 4).
  1. Submit the proof of payment and the fully signed University Clearance Form for signing of the University Registrar at OUR Window 1. 
What is the schedule of classes in UP Manila?
The Academic Year (AY) consists of two semesters, with at least 100 days or 16 weeks each, exclusive of registration and final examination periods, and a midyear session. The First Semester begins in August, the Second Semester in January, and the Midyear Term in June. 
What is the academic load for undergraduate students in UP Manila?
The maximum academic load is 18 non-laboratory units, or 21 units including laboratory, except in programs where the prescribed load for the semester is more than 18 units. During the midyear session, the normal load shall be six (6) units.
What is the academic load for graduate students in UP Manila?
Full-time students are allowed the normal load of 9-12 units per semester or 8-10 units per trimester. During the midyear session, the normal load is six (6) units.
What is the policy regarding Maximum Residence Rule (MRR) for undergraduate and graduate students?
  1. Undergraduate students are allowed 1.5 times the normal length of the course to finish their course. 
    1. 4 year course x 1.5 = 6 years           
    2. 5 year course x 1.5= 7.5 years  
    3. 6 year course x 1.5 = 9 years      
  2. Graduate students are allowed a maximum of five (5) years.
  3. Doctoral students are allowed a maximum of seven (7) years.