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The National Graduate Office for the Health Sciences (NGOHS) was formally established in June 1995 to coordinate the implementation of all graduate programs in UP Manila. As an institutional coordinating unit and catalyzing agent, the NGOHS aims "to promote and enhance the development of new graduate programs that are innovative and responsive to the current thrusts of the University and relevant to national needs."

Such a goal includes the development of multidisciplinary degree programs and the foundation of appropriate learning approaches.
The National Graduate Office for the Health Sciences (NGOHS), in consonance with the goals of UP Manila and in coordination with the different degree-granting units, shall strive to:

1. Have strong academic programs that are relevant to the needs of the stakeholders and an excellent graduate faculty that can cultivate a culture of graduate aspirations and global competitiveness.
2. Be consultative and participatory in the review, development, and administration of benchmark articulated and non-articulated graduate programs.
3. Be facilitative and collaborative, locally and internationally, to foster the highest quality of transdisciplinary programs, fellowships of faculty development, advanced graduate researches, exchange programs, sharing of resources, and infrastructure developments.

Riding high on the crest of academic excellence, the UP Manila NGOHS shall continue to pursue growth points responsive to the demands for excellence and leadership in the health science professions with the ardent synergistic strengths of humanities, arts and social sciences. It envisions to create a ripple effect as it expands its globally competitive role in teaching, research, extension and production of technology that can improve the quality of life.
  • MD-PhD in Molecular Medicine
  • PhD in Biochemistry
  • PhD in Nursing
  • Doctor of Public Health
  • Doctor of Health Professions Education
  • MS Biochemistry
  • MS Bioethics
  • M Clinical Audiology
  • MS Clinical Medicine
  • MS Dentistry (Orthodontics)
  • MS Epidemiology (Clinical Epidemiology)
  • MS Epidemiology (Public Health)
  • MS Genetic Counseling
  • MS Health Informatics (Bioinformatics)
  • MS Health Informatics (Medical Informatics)
  • MA Health Policy Studies (Health Science)
  • MA Health Policy Studies (Health Social Science)
  • M/MA Health Professions Education
  • M Hospital Administration
  • M Management
  • M/MS Medical Anthropology
  • MA Nursing
  • M Occupational Health
  • M Orthopedics
  • MS Pharmacology
  • MS Pharmacy
  • M Physical Therapy
  • MS Physiology
  • M Public Health
  • MS Public Health
  • M Rehabilitation Science (Speech Pathology)
  • PhD in Health Science by Research
  • PhD in Health Science by Publication