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College of Allied Medical Professions (CAMP)
The College of Allied Medical Professions (CAMP) will not accept transferees nor shiftees for all its degree programs this coming Academic Year 2024-2025. 
College of Arts and Science (CAS)
  1. All shiftees and transferees should be in good standing for the academic year 2023-2024 and must not have exceeded the maximum residency rule.
Will accept shiftees from U.P. Manila and transferees from other UP Constituent Universities (transferee 1). A GWA of 2.75 or better for all academic subjects/courses is required for all degree programs, except for B.S. Biology where the GWA should be 2.00 or better. The BS Biology program also requires that the applicant should not have been found guilty of any offense during his/her residency in the university. 
  1. For transferees 2, a GWA of 2.00 or better is required for all academic degree programs except for B.S. Biology, which does not accept transferees from other universities.
  2. All shiftees and transferees are required to submit a certificate of good moral character.
  3. For both shiftees and transferees, only incoming sophomores will be accepted to the B.S. Biochemistry, B.S. Computer Science and B.S. Applied Physics programs.
  4. For the Department of Arts and Communications: (BA Organizational Communication and BA Philippine Arts) - Qualified applicants after the initial screening (after ranking of the applicants) will be called for an interview and exam. 
  5. For the Department of Social Sciences (BA Political Science, BA Social Science, and BA Development Studies) – the department may hold an interview or give an essay examination if and when applicable.
  6. For the Department of Behavioral Sciences (BA Behavioral Science) – the department may hold an interview if and when applicable.
College of Dentistry (CD)
  1. Will accept Baccalaureate Degree holders 
    • from UP (with a GWA of 2.50 or better) and other Universities (with a GWA OF 2.00 or better). 
    • Must undergo an interview and dexterity examinations
  1. Will accept shiftees (S2) and transferee (T1) with the following qualifications:
    • Have a GWA of 2.50 and CWA of 2.75 or better 
      • Have attended a maximum of 4 semesters in UP
    • Present a certificate of good moral character issued by the proper authorities
    • Pass the dexterity examinations and sit for an interview
  • For foreign applicants (non-Filipino citizens), they must satisfy the qualifications stated above. In addition, foreign applicants who are from countries not using English as their first language must satisfy the TOEFL or IELTS score specified by the University. Accepted foreign students will be required to attend Filipino classes for Filipino Language Proficiency.
  • Accepted applicants must finish all pre-clinical courses and deficiencies before the fifth-year level where clinics will begin. They will not be allowed to begin clinical dentistry with deficiencies in preclinical subjects.
College of Medicine (CM)
The College of Medicine (CM) does not accept shiftees nor transferees in any of its degree programs. 
College of Nursing (CN)
  1. Will accept shiftees (UP Manila) and transferees from other UP Constituent Universities (Transferee 1) only with a GWA of 2.00 or better as incoming first year level students.
  2. Qualified applicants will be ranked according to their GWA and will be interviewed by the College Admission Committee.
College of Pharmacy (CP)
  1. Will accept transferees from other schools with a GWA of 1.75 or better and shiftees/transferees from UP Constituent Universities with a GWA of 2.00 or better.
  2. Will accept second degree applicants: non-UP graduates with a GWA of 2.25 or better and UP graduates with a GWA of 2.50 or better.
  3. Qualified applicants will be ranked according to the criteria (school of origin, GWA, present course, grades in computational sciences and chemistry and reason for transfer) set by the College and will be interviewed by the College Committee on Admissions and Scholarships.
  4. Only those who qualified in the initial screening (after ranking of the applicants) will be called for the second screening*. Qualified applicants must undergo the following:
    1. BS Pharmacy: Face-to-face Interview and Writing Test
    2. BS Pharmaceutical Sciences: Face-to-face Interview only
*This is to emphasize that ONLY THOSE APPLICANTS WHO PASSED THE INITIAL SCREENING will be called for the second screening
College of Public Health (CPH)
The College of Public Health (CPH) will not accept transferees nor shiftees for its Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) degree program this coming Academic Year 2024-2025.

1. Holder of a bachelor's degree or its equivalent with a good academic record from a recognized institution; 2. A duly accomplished application form together with the following documents to be submitted to the National Graduate School for the Health Sciences (NGOHS ) at 3rd/Floor, Bulwagang Joaquin Gonzales:
  • Original copy of the Official transcript of records duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate in the student's country of origin or legal residence;
  • Certified true copy of the English Translation of the diploma with the seal of the University and the signature of the registrar in ink, duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate in the student's country of origin or legal residence;
  • Two letters of reference from former professors, supervisors or employers;
  • Official receipt of the application fee paid at the Cashier's Office of UP Manila;
  • Photocopy of birth certificate (original to be presented for verification;
  • Four (4) passport-size photos.
International students seeking admission to the University shall be required to meet all prescribed entrance requirements for the program; provided that their previous training was obtained in an institution of recognized standing; and provided further, that there is a place for them in the college or school.

Applicants who graduated from high schools abroad and have not enrolled in college may be admitted as beginning freshmen into non-quota programs without taking the UPCAT; provided that they meet the following requirements:

1. Completion of the high school program in the country where they had their secondary education;
2. Qualify in an equivalent college-qualifying national or international foreignadministered examination such as the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Examination or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or equivalent examination:
a. GCE: ordinary level passes and 2 advanced level passes
b. SAT: minimum total score of 1200
c. IBE: International Baccalaureate Diploma;and

In case of an applicant whose native language or whose medium of instruction in the school is not English, a minimum score of 500 in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or a minimum score of 173 in the computerized TOEFL.

A graduate from a high school abroad who fails to satisfy the requirements for automatic admission (i.e., item 2 above) may take the UPCAT.

A Filipino who graduates from a secondary school abroad and applies for freshman admission to the University must satisfy the same requirements as those for foreign students.
Foreign students who are planning to take a Medical Course (CEM) / Dental Course (CED), is required to get a Certificate of Eligibility for Admission from the CHED, Office of Student Services (OSS) at 3rd Floor, CHED HEDC Building, C.P. Garcia Avenue, UP Diliman, Q.C.


1. Scholastic records signed by the College/University Registrar and stamped with the school seal; (the diploma/certificate of graduation maybe required if the scholastic records do not indicate graduation from the course).
2. Birth Certificate/passport;
3. Notice of Acceptance from the admitting school (UP Manila)
4. (For Medicine only) Diploma or Certificate of Graduation from an allied collegiate course; and
5. NMAT (for Medicine only).
Returning students (those not enrolled during the immediately preceding semester, excluding summer session) should first secure written permission from the college where they were last enrolled before getting their Admission Slip (UP Form 4) from the Office of the University Registrar. They should then proceed to the University Health Service for a physical and medical examination before registering in their respective colleges.
Former students who have attended another institution since attending the University must qualify on the same basis as new transfer students.
International transfer students may be admitted for as long as there are unfilled slots within the quota set by the University Registrar and the dean of the college concerned for the course to which they seek admission. These Students may be admitted provided that they have:

- An average grade of “2” or “86” or “B” or better ;
- Completed at least 33 units of academic courses in a non-UP college;
- Satisfied other requirements prescribed for the degree programs for which they are seeking transfer.

These transfer students shall complete no less than 50% of the units required for the program

Applicants transferring from another Philippine school should secure from Commission on Higher Education (CHED) a permit to transfer.