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UP Manila shall implement RA No. 10931 known as the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act of 2017 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) that was approved and signed on February 22, 2018.
Student who opts out is no longer to eligible for Free Tuition and OSF during the semester. Once the form is submitted and accepted by the College Secretary, the student waives the availment of Free Tuition and OSF for that semester. The student shall be assessed using the applicable tuition and OSF rates. Student may opt-out during the registration period only.





A. Enrollment of first year students will be done by the Student Records Evaluators (SRE’s) assigned to the different degree programs. This will be from ()

B. The student will be enrolled only upon:

    a. Accomplishment of the google form that can be accessed through this link,

    b. Submission of the hard copies (electronic copies will not be acceptable) of the following documents by ():

          I. Two (2) copies of the Admission Notice

         II. The original and two (2) photocopies of your Grade 12/Senior High School card (F138) duly signed by the head of your school. A rubber-stamped facsimile should be countersigned by the principal or his/her authorized representative

          III. The original copy of the Transcript (Form 137) for Junior and Senior High Schools duly signed by the principal/head of school

          IV. Accomplished Health Declaration Form (downloadable from the website, or can be accessed through this link: STUDENT HEALTH CHECKLIST

          V. Accomplished two (2) copies of the student directory (downloadable from the website, or can be accessed through this link: NEW OUR STUDENT DIRECTORY

          VI. The original and two (2) photocopies of your Certificate of Live Birth (NSO/PSA certified)

          VII. For the degree programs that are under the Return Service Agreement (RSA), kindly download the RSA form through and submit the triplicate copies (1 original and 2 photocopies) of the duly filled-out and notarized RSA form to your respective colleges before enrollment.

          VIII. Two (2) recent colored 2” x 2” pictures with the printed name and signature of the student at the back

          IX. Additional Requirements for Foreign Students and Those with Dual Citizenship:

               • Secure a study permit from the Office of Student Affairs, 3rd Floor, UP Manila Student Center Bldg., Padre Faura Street.

               • Original and one (1) photocopy of the Identification Certificate (Recognition of Filipino Citizenship from the Bureau of Immigration)

NOTE: Submission should be done onsite and the credentials must be placed on a long brown envelope, labeled with your full name according to this format (FAMILY NAME, GIVEN NAME, MIDDLE NAME, DEGREE PROGRAM). Failure to complete the Google form and/or submit the hard copies of the required documents would mean no enrollment.

D. A copy of Form 5 will be sent through email as proof of enrollment before the start of classes on ().
Deferment of Enrollment
Deferment of enrollment is allowed for only ONE YEAR. New first year students who will not enroll during first semester AY 2024-2025 must write a letter of deferment addressed to the University Registrar. 
The applicant, however, needs to inform UP of his/her interest to study in UP by confirming slot offered to him/her. Confirmation assures you of a degree program to enroll in upon return from deferment
Request for Late Enrollment and Payment
1. Write a justification letter for the late enrollment and payment addressed to the OVCAA. The letter must be signed by the student, parent/guardian (for undergraduate students), noted by the adviser, endorsed by the College Secretary or Dean, and must be recommended by the University Registrar. 


2. The student shall send the fully signed justification letter to the Office of Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (OVCAA) at for approval. 
3. Once approved, request for Billing Statement from the Administrative Staff of the College by sending an email. The student shall receive the billing statement via email.


 4. Upon receipt of Billing Statement, pay the tuition fees through Link.BizPortal for online payment or pay directly at the UPM Cash Office. For requests for late payment, the College Secretary/Dean’s endorsement to the VCAA would suffice. There is no need to secure the University Registrar’s Recommendation.